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Behavioral Health Treatment

Integrative Wellness Services


Argo Counseling and Wellness offers integrated and person-centered therapies to support the greater Annapolis & Easton, Maryland community. Our team of experienced clinicians provide services that embody Argo’s values of trust, compassion, and results. Whether you are looking for integrative wellness services or behavioral health treatment, our programs are tailored to your individual needs and goals.

Behavioral health treatment at Argo Counseling and Wellness is offered by fully-licensed psychotherapists who are in-network with CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield, Maryland Medicaid, Tricare, Johns Hopkins, Atena and Cigna.

Argo’s integrative wellness services are provided by certified and licensed professionals for an out-of-pocket fee.

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Wellness Board

Our Board is an online platform where our clinician’s and affiliated practitioners can share important information concerning mental health, mind, body wellness, and recovery with our clients.

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“We were very relieved to see our teen open up and share her stressors with us during our family session. We are working on improving our communication and expressing our unconditional love for our daughter and each other more. Also trying to make our home life less stressful despite our demanding careers and personalities too. Who knew this would be the hardest stage of parenting! Raising teens is exciting but a little scary too! Thanks a million.”

- Adolescent Client’s Mother

“Argo is a team of experienced professionals and experts in their respective fields. Clients whom I have referred to Argo report receiving respectful and compassionate care. The referral process is seamless and I have complete confidence in each of their clinicians. Their follow-up with me as a fellow provider is great and they are responsive to my needs. Argo and its practitioners demonstrate a higher level of professionalism than most I know.”

- Referring Therapist

“Thank you for all of your help during the last 12 months.  To put it simply, working with you has been transformative. It’s affected how I function each and every day.  In all of my relationships and interactions with people. How I treat and think about myself. Decisions I’ve made as I plan for my future.  The progress I’ve made has been a real gift.”

- Individual Client

“Argo has truly saved my life. I’ve been going since November, and have made such incredible progress that I sometimes can’t even believe it. My therapist is kind, empathetic, well-educated on what he does, and finally gave me a proper diagnosis–AND helped me learn the tools to move on and help rewire my disordered thinking! I no longer feel trapped by my brain, and for the first time in years am I able to see me living for the future, and being excited by it. Christine the front desk person is so kind, caring, sweet and on top of things. The whole building is so soothing and they keep everything very neat and clean. The payment is easy, they put your card on file and charge you after the session is done! They took both of the insurance I’ve been on. Everyone in the office is kind, understanding, and empathetic. I love Argo!!”

- Individual Client

“The location is welcoming and soothing, it feels like a very safe space— and my therapist here has been just so extraordinarily caring, giving, and helping—I would have been otherwise lost.”

- Individual Client

“Words cannot express how grateful I am for Argo Counseling.”

- Individual Client

“Argo has been wonderful for me! The main office is very friendly and so is their front desk lady. They have calming essential oils diffusing and the therapists are just great here!”

- Individual Client

“I wanted to send my thanks to you. All of you. This last year was difficult, and my coming out the other side with the tools and the life I have now is owed in a vast part due to your help and your organization. Thank you for helping me suss stuff out, thank you for taking my call, and thank you for assuring me that I was never as broken or lost as I thought I was.”

- Individual Client

“A top notch team makes for top notch therapy. I would refer anyone in need of counseling to Argo without hesitation.”

- Referring Clinician

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