The following is an excerpt from the book An Exploration of Truth by William M. Kaufman, Ph.D.

The rigid boundaries between people separate one’s ‘truth’ from another. This is truth in its generally conceived form as a measurable object, and fits in perfectly with a materialistic oriented society. We hoard our truths like our belongings, and greedily guard anyone from taking them away. Well, you rightly question, don’t we usually try and impose our beliefs on others? An astute observation, but in imposing our beliefs on others, we are not so much giving our truths away, as extending our protective barriers. To the extent we are surrounded by like-minded people, we decrease the risk that our beliefs will be challenged, and therefore that someone will take away our truths. While this may secure our comfort zone, it actually keeps us locked into a single position, from which internal growth and development is thwarted. In other words, it is not from a position of hoarding our truths and guarding our beliefs—as if they were objects—that we develop. On the contrary, such an action amounts to putting a strain on the total bodily system, until it eventually either totally erupts, or completely shuts down.

For harmonic development to occur in any organic system, growth in one area must be accompanied by balanced growth throughout the whole body. An analogy of a tree may be instructive here: As its limbs and branches grow, there has to be a corresponding growth in its trunk; otherwise, obviously, the body of the tree—its trunk—won’t have the strength necessary to support its limbs, until the resultant stress overwhelms it and the limbs split off, or the tree falls over. The human body, infinitely more complex than the tree, places even greater requirements on harmonic growth, demanding that it occur not only in the physical body, but also throughout its integrated mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies. Absent such balance, stresses and strains resolve themselves in the resultant physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual diseases commonly observed today. From this quick analysis, we realize that truth may be described as that process whereby our total bodily system regularly ‘upgrades’ or adjusts itself through continual integration of each subsystem in its own particular growth cycle.

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