“I just lay there, feeling like warmed over stale pasta, too tired to do anything, too drained to focus, and too restless to sleep. Too, too much; too, too much; too, too much—I kept thinking, until it formed in my head like a mantra, repeating as if by its own volition… Man, it feels like I’ve been on this train forever! Sometimes it even feels as though it’s moving backwards. The landscape seems like it hasn’t altered in years. The only changes are the fellow travelers who come into my compartment, stay awhile, and then embark; some making connections for different destinations, some stopping to sightsee, and others meeting friends or family. I wait patiently for my next cabin mate, which seems inevitable despite my desire either for company or isolation. Some will be welcome, others will intrude; some are curious of me, mostly I’m more curious of them. Some can be extremely annoying, and I am grateful for their departure; others fill me with such joy and pleasure, that their departure saddens me. I’ve wanted to get off and follow some of them, but I have my own connections to make, and don’t know if or when another train will pass by. I must confess to having done that before, but that was at the beginning of my journey, before I cared about schedules and deadlines. Somehow I always found another train, although the wait got longer and longer. It’s obvious they’ve stopped running as many, and for all I know, this may be the very last one.”

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