An excerpt from An Exploration of Truth by William M. Kaufman Ph.D.

“To the degree that I operate out of my jail of fear, I correspondingly will limit your ability to move. I will constrain you as I am constrained. That is the only way I can justify and tolerate my own limitations. To the extent I liberate myself from my jail, or widen its boundaries so I have more space to grow, I will correspondingly increase yours as well. I will do this so that I can play and interact with you; exchange ideas and be stimulated. This process is seductive. The more I grow, the more I need you to grow so that I can bounce ideas off of you. The more I grow, the more I accomplish, but I need you to grow so you can appreciate my accomplishments. The more I grow, the more I can love, but then I need you to grow in love so that I can share it with you. Yes, this process is not always peaceful and harmonious. We may fight, argue, and hurt one another. But as we grow—individually and collectively—our fights and arguments become less ferocious and hurtful, because they are fueled less by fear and intolerance, and guided more by love and tolerance.”

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