“Holistic,” “integrative,” “mindfulness” – all these terms and more are used to describe interventions that are sweeping the current medical zeitgiest. Compelling research out of top universities and institutes in the United States and abroad are` validating what some healers have known for centuries – you cannot heal the mind without the body. In fact, speaking in terms of mind versus body is misleading as we are coming to discover that the chemicals that control our moods are produced in the gut and experiences like trauma, anxiety, and depression are fundamentally linked to sympathetic nervous system function.  Integrative wellness modalities such as yoga, conscious breathing, meditation, somatic experiencing, acupuncture, massage, music therapy and various other forms of experiential or body based healing (think EMDR, psychodrama, Gestalt) harness the bodies innate wisdom to balance and repair our brains.

Savvy health professionals are recognizing that integrative modalities are vital when treating clients. Part of providing ethical and effective treatment comes when assessing a client’s challenges from a whole person perspective – meaning that their bodies, spirits, and minds are all considered when providing care. Integrative wellness interventions in addition to psychotherapy maximize a person’s ability to create lasting and broad sweeping change.

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