What We Are

Argo Counseling and Wellness was established to bridge the gap between a traditional mental health agency and a holistic wellness practice. Argo’s values of Trust, Compassion, and Results ensure that our clients experience a safe, enriching environment with experienced practitioners who are passionate about their work.   Each client who comes through our doors is treated as an individual with the innate ability to create the change they desire in their lives.

Who We Serve

Individuals, couples, and families seek services at Argo to address mental health, substance abuse, and relationship concerns.

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Our Practitioners

The role of the Argo practitioner is to facilitate a client’s journey to greater fulfillment through person-centered collaboration.

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Meaning Behind the Name

The name Argo Counseling and Wellness is rooted in Greek Mythology and calls forth the importance of a hero’s journey in the therapeutic process.

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