Meaning Behind the Name

The name Argo Counseling and Wellness is rooted in Greek Mythology and calls forth the importance of a hero’s journey in the therapeutic process. “Argo” was the name of the famous Greek ship that carried Jason and the Argonauts across the Mediterranean sea to the Golden Fleece. Argo and her Argonauts were said to be protected by the Greek Goddess Hera and the Goddesse’s daughter Athena was rumored to be associated with the design of the great ship.

Dating back to the work of psychotherapist Carl Jung, the ocean has long been associated with the human unconscious. At Argo Counseling and Wellness we believe that personal growth requires a voyage into the unconscious, the depth of our emotions, to reach wholeness and tranquility – our personal Golden Fleece. Like the Argo, our counselors strive to empower and guide our clients through their challenges towards deeper knowing.

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