Jacqueline Myers, LGPC, NCC


Jacqueline is a Licensed Graduate Professional Counselor (LGPC) and National Certified Counselor (NCC) with a dual Master’s degree in Clinical Rehabilitation and Mental Health Counseling from West Virginia University. She has many years of experience as a career counselor. In this role, she assisted individuals with various challenges, illicit backgrounds, co-occurring disorders, and complex needs in pursuing  employment, economic self-sufficiency, and independence. Jacqueline specializes in working with clients of all ages. Her goal is to provide support to effectively address life challenges such as, life adjustments, managing stress, anxiety, depression, and other mental health conditions that prohibit individuals from living the life they envision.


In her practice, Jacqueline uses a nonjudgmental, holistic, integrative approach that honors each person’s individuality. Her therapeutic approach is grounded in cognitive behavioral therapy, strength-based therapy, and other therapeutic techniques to meet each client’s beliefs, needs, and personal circumstances. She feels that it is important for individuals to cultivate awareness and insight to establish a vision in order to make the necessary steps towards change.

Jacqueline believes that in life, adversities will come and shake the foundation of our character and it is in these moments that therapy can assist us in learning new perspectives to grow and adjust to life’s obstacles.


  • Depression & Anxiety
  • Life Transitions
  • Special Populations
  • Career Counseling

Fun Facts

Jacqueline enjoys recreating recipes by substituting unhealthy ingredients for healthier options. She believes proper nutrition is nourishing and uplifting to one’s mind, body, and spirit.