Joia Felton, Graduate Intern

Joia Felton is currently pursuing training in Clinical Mental Health Counseling at Johns Hopkins University to become a mental health therapist at Johns Hopkins. She received her undergraduate degree in Psychology at Kenyon College. Joia began interning at Argo in June 2019, and she has co-lead groups, participated in workshops, and shadowed sessions. She also has experience counseling in higher education and at crisis centers.
Joia approaches therapy from a person-centered perspective, which emphasizes growth, empathy, insight, and the relationship between counselor and client. She particularly focuses on holistic wellness, self-care and coping skills, and interpersonal solutions.
Joia loves yoga, cats, traveling, and being outdoors.

Session Details

As a graduate level intern Joia’s clinical work is supervised by licensed psychotherapist Emma Rogers, LCSW-C, EGC. Services with Joia are offered at a discounted out-of-pocket rate of $75.00 per session. Please contact our front desk at 443-906-3506 for scheduling with Joia.