Luke DeBoy, LGSW, CAC-AD


Luke DeBoy’s career as a counselor is deeply rooted in a passion for addictions medicine. From his own experiences to his impressive career in the treatment of co-occurring disorders, Luke is dedicated to a mission of recovery. He first began in addictions treatment while studying at Salisbury University as an undergraduate. During his time there Luke designed and implemented a substance abuse education and referral program for the student athletics department. His experiences there opened his eyes to the importance of education and person-centered treatment modalities for recovery. After completing his undergraduate studies he chose to advance his knowledge through a Certification in Addictions Counseling in 2010. Once his certification was completed, Luke began a master’s program in social work at the University of Maryland Baltimore, undertaking graduate level course work and rigorous field placements and graduated in 2013.

Luke is currently the Director of Addictions Services at Tranquility Woods Premier Treatment Center in Pasadena, MD –


Luke offers a perspective centered in 12-step methodology and the importance of experiential therapeutic modalities. He is experienced in the provision of Adventure Therapy and his group work at Argo embodies a process-oriented style that employs creative techniques to foster growth. Luke knows the importance of the therapeutic relationship for successful treatment and works to establish a strong rapport with each of his clients based on honesty and authenticity.


  • Substance Abuse Disorders
  • Co-occurring Issues
  • Depression & Anxiety
  • Adventure Therapy
  • 12-Step Based Treatment

Fun Facts

Luke enjoys rock-climbing, snow boarding, and scuba diving.