Shirl Herbert, LCSW-C


Shirl Herbert is a licensed clinical social worker who has a background in working with families and children as well as individuals. She specializes in mood disorders, career issues, grief, life stages, child/adolescent and parenting issues. Shirl began her career in social work after graduating in 1998 from the University of Maryland with a Master’s in Social Work. She originally majored in sociology, with an interest in research related to human behavior and society. However, after graduating with a degree in Sociology, she realized that she really wanted to work directly with individuals and families. She first began working in child welfare for the University of Maryland, in a program designed to educate and train undergraduate and graduate students to work in child welfare. Through working in this program, she realized the challenge of finding and connecting adults and children with good and competent mental health services. It was then that she began working directly with individuals, families, and children in a counseling role. Shirl first worked as a therapist at a crisis center, working with individuals, families, and children in crisis. As part of her work at the crisis center, she developed a group for teen-aged girls using expressive arts. The group was presented at the Governor’s 11th Annual Conference on Child Abuse and Neglect. Following her work at the crisis center, she provided counseling services to individuals, families and children under a grant that offered counseling services to families at risk. She worked extensively with children and adolescents while providing family therapy to strengthen family bonds and create nurturing environments.


Shirl begins therapy using a humanistic approach. This is a psychological approach that is based on the belief that all individuals are unique and have an innate ability to achieve their maximum potential. She has an appreciation for the strengths of various therapeutic approaches and will determine through the therapeutic process which might be most useful for the client. In addition, she maintains an interest in research related to mood and anxiety disorders, mind-body, and stress. She has studied and has an interest in Existential therapy.

Fun Facts

Shirl grew up on a dairy farm. She continues to carry with her a love for animals, the outdoors, and the glorious gifts that only mother nature can bestow upon us.