Wendy Caldwell, LCPC, NCC


Wendy is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor in the State of MD, a Licensed Professional Counselor in the state of AK, and a Nationally Certified Counselor offering mental health services and healing arts workshops. She is Certified in Expressive Arts through the Person-Centered Expressive Arts Institute in CA. Her experience includes working within various school systems delivering SEL programming, providing social skills training for differently-abled populations, and responsive services for crisis events. As an inpatient clinician in a hospital, Wendy worked with adolescent and adult patients to deliver individual, group, and family therapy in crisis stabilization units. She has worked as an outpatient therapist, support group leader, and workshop facilitator. She is experienced working with children, pre-teens, teenager, adults, and families in therapeutically addressing the following: emotional regulation, distress tolerance, anger management, emotional identification, effective communication, boundaries, codependency, anxiety, depression, suicidal ideation, self esteem, ADHD, autism, transitions, healthy relationships, grief, and loss. Her experience includes working in collaboration with a treatment team and special education staff in her various positions. Additionally, Wendy has a history of working with military populations  within schools, transition services, and nonprofit organizations attending to various stressors including, deployment, PTSD, TBI, maladaptive coping skills, and resilience as pertaining to veterans, spouses, and children.  Wendy is currently an executive team member for The Veteran’s Spouse Project, serving as their Expressive Arts Director and Made For You Program manager.


Wendy is client-centered and places emphasis on the mind-body connection in her work. Using an integrative approach, she combines traditional talk therapy with mindfulness, creative expression, CBT, and DBT skills to support you in your treatment. She uses process focused expressive arts activities with clients to encourage self awareness, foster mental flexibility and allow for shifts in perspective. Her healing arts workshops are multi-modal incorporating mindfulness, meditation, music, movement, art-making and writing. A Creative Connection is made through this process allowing for participants to delve deep into their subconscious state and explore their inner worlds. Wendy’s services also include social emotional training for young children and families supported by the Gottman Institute’s Emotion Coaching approach to parenting and their Kimochis curriculum.

“This life calls for LOTS of creativity! It can be wonderful one minute, then terrible the next, joyful then excruciating. While some changes are welcomed, others are inconvenient, unexpected, or completely unwanted. And yet, change is the one certain thing in this life. There are times we can all use an emotional tune-up and support to add skills to our toolboxes for stress management, distress tolerance, effective communication, healthy boundaries, and self awareness. We are all a work in progress!
My hope is to help you see the path, and yourself, more clearly to optimize your wellness through good self-care and personal awareness, and tolerate distress when it happens.  Through empathy, compassion, and congruence I will work with you to generate insight that can lead to increased healthy coping or personal change. I believe being creative not only refers to art-making but how we all create our worlds. Take the time to shine a light on yours when you need to. In times of change, new beginnings, roadblocks, or struggle, it’s time to get creative.”


  • Military Life Stressors
  • Life Transitions
  • Child or Adolescent
  • Grief

Fun Facts

Wendy loves to hike! Whenever the mountains call her…she must go:). Her favorite is Mr. Rainier which she explored a few years ago during a through hike trip on the Wonderland Trail. Camping, traveling, and explore nature are some of her favorite things to do. And while Wendy was born and bred on the East Coast she has lived in multiple places to include Europe, AK and HI.