Integrative wellness services can be an essential part of recovery and growth. Our minds, spirits, and physical body are one connected organism that functions best when brought into harmony. Trauma, relational dysfunction, stress, and chronic illness affect all of these systems and require approaches that span across disciplines. Research supports that the utilization of experiential and complementary alternative medicine deepens and accelerates therapeutic growth. At Argo Counseling and Wellness we offer Advanced Body Work, Music Therapy, Yoga, Equine Coaching, and Health and Wellness Coaching to support you on your journey.

Integrative wellness services at Argo Counseling and Wellness are not covered by insurance and are offered at an out-of-pocket rate. Please explore our individual services pages to discover specific pricing info for our integrative modalities.


Advanced Bodywork techniques enable us to analyze the body’s messages and observe what is happening on very deep levels.


Equine Coaching

Clear away blockages to healing and support in-the-moment change with this experiential modality. Harness the insight of horses to guide your path to wellness.



Find clarity, vitality, confidence, and gratitude through Yoga.


Music Therapy

Offered in partnership with Annapolis Music Therapy ( Argo Counseling and Wellness is excited to bring the healing benefits of music to our clients.


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