Argo Counseling and Wellness is excited to offer Advanced Bodywork and Reiki services.

The body has its own language to communicate needs, wants and desires. Pain, tension and anxiety are a messaging system that let you know when your body (and mind) is out of balance. Advanced Bodywork techniques enable us to analyze the body’s messages and observe what is happening on very deep levels. Argo is currently offering Craniosacral Therapy, Myofascial Release, Hand Foot and Ear Reflexology, Cupping, and Energy Work.  These modalities work to rebalance your body’s dysfunctional patterns and alleviate the impact of trauma – enhancing your journey towards wellness.

Reiki is an energy healing practice that involves the transference of energy to help aid with anxiety and stress reduction.  Though Reiki is not intended to cure disease or illness it may be used to assist the body in creating an environment to facilitate healing physically, mentally and spiritually.  A typical reiki session with can last between 30-90 minutes.  During the session you will experience a series of standard Reiki hand positions either through gentle touch or hovering slightly above the body.  While receiving Reiki you may feel a warm or tingling sensation, or you may just feel at peace and relaxed.

Fees for Bodywork and Reiki Services

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“We were very relieved to see our teen open up and share her stressors with us during our family session. We are working on improving our communication and expressing our unconditional love for our daughter and each other more. Also trying to make our home life less stressful despite our demanding careers and personalities too. Who knew this would be the hardest stage of parenting! Raising teens is exciting but a little scary too! Thanks a million.”

- Adolescent Client’s Mother

“Argo is a team of experienced professionals and experts in their respective fields. Clients whom I have referred to Argo report receiving respectful and compassionate care. The referral process is seamless and I have complete confidence in each of their clinicians. Their follow-up with me as a fellow provider is great and they are responsive to my needs. Argo and its practitioners demonstrate a higher level of professionalism than most I know.”

- Therapist Debra Ament, LCSW-C